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Episode 3: Phil Boyte & Guest John Eick

Always a reason to celebrate – Guest John Eick  Join Phil and his guest John Eick who is currently the Executive Director of Westlake Charter School in Natamos, California. Prior to his role at Westlake Charter, John spent time as the Director of Instructional Technology within the Natomas Unified School District […]

Episode 2: Phil Boyte & Guest Sara Nilles

Creating a school no one will want to leave –  Guest Sara Nilles  Join Phil and his first guest Sara Nilles who is currently The Oregon Association of Student Councils Executive Director. Having spent 10 years in the classroom and in her 7th year at OASC, Sara shares what she has […]

Episode 1: School Culture By Design Podcast Intro

Episode 1: Intro  Listen as Phil Boyte share a bit about his background of working with schools for the past 30 years, what type of guests he will be having on the Podcast and what you can expect to hear on School Culture By Design Podcast.  

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