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Episode 9: Phil Boyte and Guest Angela Huff

Where to start with School Culture – Guest Dr. Angela Huff Join Phil Boyte and his guest Dr. Angela Huff as they talk about where you start when it comes to building great culture on a campus. During this podcast, Angela shares simple things like how important it is to […]

Episode 8: Phil Boyte and Guest D.J. Sosnowski

Welcoming new staff and students  – Guest D.J. Sosnowski  Do you remember your first day in a new job? All the questions swirling in your head? Did you know who to talk to or even what questions to ask? Join Phil Boyte and his guest D.J. Sosnowski as they talk about what […]

Episode 7: Phil Boyte with guest Stephen Amundson

  Four Seasons of Leadership – Guest Stephen Amundson Join Phil as he interviews Stephen Amundson, the Director of Activities from Tulare West High School in Tulare, California. Stephen shares about his journey creating the “Four Seasons of Leadership” and how having a dedicated focus on each semester can have tremendous […]

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