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Episode 16: Phil Boyte and Debbie Brannam

Episode #16: Culture from the front office – Guest Debbie Brannam “I spent more time in the principal’s office than I did at my own desk…” Join Phil Boyte and his guest Debbie Brannam as they talk about creating a great culture in the front office. Debbie has spent her […]

Thinking about the CORE

Thinking about the CORE I have been working out – going for runs, lifting at the gym, stretching and sweating. Laurie and I just completed a 14-day Paleo detox.  I am excited to be down 8 pounds and feeling better when I pull on my jeans.  This morning, I realized […]

Episode 15: Phil Boyte and Ted Goergen

  Episode #15: Building Culture on a Large Campus – Ted Goergen Join Phil Boyte and his guest Ted Goergen as talk about building great culture across a large campus. Ted has learned a lot over the years working as the Activities Director at Stevenson High School in Illinois with […]

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