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Learning for Living

We want school to feel right

Learning For Living, Inc. exists to empower school administrators, teachers and student leaders to create amazing school culture.

Learning For Living was established in 1984, from Phil Boyte’s vision for building communities of care on campuses around the continent. We began by offering a support system and strategies for incoming High School freshmen with our flagship program, Link Crew.

We soon realized: to transform both school climate and culture, educators needed even more tools.

Today, we offer a set of robust services, programs, and curriculum, and we’re proud to be helping passionate administrators, teachers and student leaders around the world transform school culture for the better.

Together, we make school feel right.

Check out our Services section to learn more about our Keynotes, Conferences, Consulting, and the hugely popular, Breaking Down The Walls.

Phil Boyte is passionate about creating amazing school culture. He has spoken to thousands of schools across North America, empowering both students and educators to transform their campus’ climate. Phil’s dynamic and transformative message to youth and adults enhances the quality of life for each individual, school, and community. As a motivational speaker, keynote, consultant, husband, father, and friend, Phil aims to be a force of enthusiasm and encouragement in the world.

Laurie Boyte works behind the scenes orchestrating the administrative and financial functions of Learning for Living and its affiliate programs. She is passionate about helping people live their best lives, and believes that Learning for Living is an amazing instrument for changing and improving the way students enter adulthood. When she is not traveling with Phil to school sites and conferences, you will find her reading, running, or volunteering abroad.

Shyana Frost recently joined our team after spending the last few years as a program manager in HR at Intuit Inc. (TurboTax, Quickbooks etc.). Shyana has a passion for people, possibilities, and using design-thinking to help teams achieve more than they could imagine. Shyana is thrilled to be working with Phil and Laurie to help streamline their business and develop new workshops and coaching models with Phil that will transform schools across the globe.