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Love the Initiator

There exists a group of people who seem to be born initiators. They start stuff. They thrive on connection and fun and always have a great idea how to bring people together. They stand up at the end of a meeting and say, “Let’s meet for a beer at Brewdogs,” or “Come by on Saturday and I’ll grill chicken and corn-on-the-cob. Bring your wife, kids and dog.” Initiators offer our world an opportunity to gather, connect, share stories, laugh and have fellowship.

Initiators need support. Yes, they need those of us standing on the sidelines to show up. I mean, how many times will they keep inviting if we don’t join their party and participate? Without initiators we could find ourselves very alone.

A large part of a healthy community is connection and when the largest percentage of a crowd does not initiate, happenings fall on the shoulders of the small group of people who will keep asking. Until they don’t. Until the invite has received the silent treatment too many times.

I send out a plea of support for the initiator! Just say YES! Show up, even for a little bit, tell them “thank-you”, offer to help, offer your place for the next gathering even if it doesn’t fit the perfection model. As you consider the excuse that seems real (I am busy, the drive home is too long, that weird neighbor might show up, my house is a mess, I can’t cook my way out of a paper bag, I am shy) get over it and just show up! It might be awkward and yet, that is how we meet neighbors, connect with co-workers, become friends.

Say Yes! Initiators make the world go-round.

Thinking about the CORE

Thinking about the CORE I have been working out – going for runs, lifting at the gym, stretching and sweating. Laurie and I just completed a 14-day Paleo detox.  I am excited to be down 8 pounds and feeling better when I pull on my jeans.  This morning, I realized […]

Trust by Design

Trust By Design Excerpted from Dr. Eric Chagala’s presentation at the recent Learning for Living Culture Summit in Auburn, CA. Eric is the founding principal of VIDA (Vista Innovation and Design Academy) in San Diego, CA and was hired to close a failing school and reopen it as VIDA. It […]

How do we assess our school culture?

“I think we are doing pretty well. We do a lot of great things.”   “Let’s ask around, see what people tell us. Let’s start with our own students and teachers and see what we hear.”   This was the question and exchange I recently heard from a group of […]


“When we eat together, when we set out to do so deliberately, life is better, no matter what your circumstances.” ~Thomas Keller   This seems like such an obvious statement, and yet, it is a concept that is easily lost amidst the demands of modern education. I have listened to […]

Nacho Friday!

When you are a principal with 237 people under your care (157 teachers and 80 staff members) it is crucial that you intentionally create opportunities for fun and connection. This is why principal Tim Liles of Sunnyside High School in Fresno, CA came up with the idea of Nacho Friday.   […]

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