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Coping Skills

You know the teacher: the one who oozes love and care for kids; the one who seems like she was born to be a teacher. Her expectations are as high and as big as her love is and kids excel under her teaching, and thrive in her presence. If you […]

Why School Culture?

I believe that life is all about connecting with people.   Through connection, we learn who we are, and who we can and want to be. Through connection, we are able to achieve and survive things that, alone, are beyond our capacities.   Connection, by another word, is culture. School […]

I like you, I trust you, We can do this together!

  I like you… When you work in an environment that is healthy and where people genuinely like each other, it is more like fun than work. Indications of a healthy workplace include people smiling at each other and enjoying each other’s company; employees looking out for one other and […]

One… Three… Five Years to Amazing School Culture!

“We fought with kids and parents for three years about our dress code. We heard every argument you can imagine and most of them several times over. We fought with parents again when we told students they could not “boo” during ballgames. At times, it was exhausting.”   This is […]

We say “please,” “thank you,” and we hold doors for people

According to veteran educator Monte White, the habits of saying please, thank you, and holding doors for people are where it all starts.     While one might pass these things off as “just having manners,” Monte sees them as the root of positive school culture and he has infused […]

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