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We say “please,” “thank you,” and we hold doors for people

According to veteran educator Monte White, the habits of saying please, thank you, and holding doors for people are where it all starts.     While one might pass these things off as “just having manners,” Monte sees them as the root of positive school culture and he has infused […]

Leaving Home…..

Why did you move? Because it made no sense at all!  Because we’ve spent years encouraging our kids, students, friends and colleagues to leave home and experience LIFE and the adventure it brings. Laurie and I had our “dream home” for fourteen years.  It was a magical place nestled on […]

She Died With Everything . . .

Grandma Ivy died in Kansas on Monday morning.  We were in Australia and got the news and wondered if it was possible to fly half way around the world to celebrate Laurie’s mom’s mother.  She was only 87 but what an 87 years she lived. I wonder some days if […]

Look Up!

She said, “LOOK UP!” . . . and everything changed. Sara was our tour guide today in Melbourne. Her accent was captivating and her understanding of what makes the city cool was evident in her first comments. We wandered about the city and she would offer an explanation about a […]

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