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Episode 23: Phil Boyte and Eric Jackson


Episode #23 –  “Supporting students with a biracial background” – Guest Dr. Eric Jackson

Join Phil Boyte and Eric Jackson as they talk about the research he has done when it comes to supporting students with biracial backgrounds. Eric shares ideas he has used to develop relationships in his classroom that lead to deeper conversations and a better understanding of what different students face. Check out this podcast for a thought provoking conversation.

A little about Eric:

Dr. Eric Jackson II has been working in education for over ten years, from classroom facilitator (teacher) to school administration; his experience ranges from working in rural, suburban and urban school settings.  He has just completed his Ph.D from Indiana State University, in Educational Leadership, with his research focusing on biracial students secondary educational perspective.  Eric also holds two master’s degrees and he has conducted professional development sessions to both district wide and individual schools.  His sessions covered how to create a school culture for biracial students effectively, how to understand the identity development of biracial students, and how to help others embrace those who are biracial.

Dr. Jackson II is currently writing a book, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Sarah of 11 years and their four children, Jalynn, Quinlynn, Emmanuel, and Marshall.

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Episode 22: Phil Boyte and Kristy Cooper

Episode #22 – Empowering students from all different backgrounds – Guest Kristy Cooper

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Kristy Cooper as they talk about preparing students for success. Kristy is a leadership teacher who believes students from all different backgrounds can achieve what they set their minds to. She shares why it is important to trust your students, how she encourages them when they face adversity and shares a few activities she uses in her classroom to set her students up for success.

A little about Kristy:

Kristy Cooper is in her 13th year as a Math Teacher at Del City High School in Oklahoma. She got her  Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Mathematics Education and a Master’s Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Educational Leadership. Kristy currently is a co-math teacher, student council advisor/leadership teacher and does a variety of other things on her campus as well.  ​Besides working at the high school, Kristy works for the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils Leadership Workshops and serve on the board as the 3rd Year Advisor.

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Episode 21: Continue building great culture… three weeks in – Mini Podcast with Phil

Continue building great culture… three weeks in: Mini Podcast with Phil Boyte

Building great culture is a year long effort and with the first few weeks under your belt, you may be scratching your head thinking, “now what?!” Join Phil Boyte as he gives a few practical ideas to continue building relationships and trust on your campus a few weeks into the new school year.

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Episode 20: Phil Boyte and Matt Grigas

Episode #20 – Creating a vibrant culture in the classroom

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Matt Grigas, as they talk about the power of connecting with students in the classroom. Matt shares ideas he uses in his own classroom to set the tone for the year, model what he expects from his students and why having an “open door policy” is so vital! Looking for simple yet transformative ideas to implement in your classroom this year? Check out this podcast! 

A little about Matt: 

Matt Grigas has been working in the Indian Prairie District for the past 11 years as a teacher. Matt started his career at Neuquay Valley High School (where he met his wife!!) and then had the incredible opportunity to help open the doors at Metea Valley High School. Matt loved the opportunity to help set the culture and tone at a brand new school. Three years ago, Matt returned to Neuqua Valley High School to run their theater program. Matt and his wife have one little boy.

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Episode 19: Phil Boyte and Dan Thoene


Episode #19 – A creative way to teach in the classroom with guest Dan Thoene

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Dan Thoene, creator of Judo Math, as they talk about his approach to helping student thrive in the classroom. Using the concepts of martial arts, Judo Math encourages students to work at their own pace as they progress through a series of belts to master each topic. In this podcast, Dan shares the inspiration behind the program, how students collaborate and celebrate together and why team building is so important. It doesn’t matter what your role is on campus… you won’t want to miss this amazing podcast!

A little about Dan:

Dan Thoene has been a math teacher at High Tech High, in San Diego for the past 15 years.  In 2007 he created a program called Judo Math that lets kids work at their own pace as they progress through a series of belts to master each topic.   His innovative approach to teaching math helped significantly raise test scores in the first year he implemented the program at High Tech Middle School.  It’s now being used by over 150 teachers across the United States, UK, Israel, China and Canada.   

Dan graduated from UCSB with a major in Communications and a minor in Mathematics. He actually started his professional career in broadcasting, working as a sportscaster for 11 years where he won an Emmy Award as best sports reporter for ABC in Connecticut.

An avid sports fan, when he’s not watching the Padres or Chargers, Dan likes to fit in a round of golf in between grading papers. He’s been married for 20 years to his wife Kira. Their 14 year old daughter Courtney is an 8th grader at HTM and their 10 year old son Cooper is a 5th grader at Explorer.

Learn more at Judomath.com.

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