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Episode 11: Phil Boyte and Guest Phil Campbell

How to create that ‘feeling’ on a campus – Guest Phil Campbell


Join Phil Boyte and his guest Phil Campbell (Phil C.) as they talk about the journey he has had in his new role as Renaissance Speaker & Consultant. Phil C. traveled the country visiting some pretty incredible schools and had some amazing ideas to share on how to create that ‘feeling’ on your campus. Listen in as he shares ideas on focusing more on the 98% vs. the 2%, creating a genius hour and why he thinks autonomy in the classroom can be so impactful.


You won’t want to miss this great podcast!


A little about Phil:

Phil has worked in education for 12 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal. He took a big leap and joined the Jostens Renaissance team last June and spent 40 days on the road visiting schools across the country.


Phil is  married to Tara and they have a 7 year old Brooks and puppy Striker. Phil enjoys traveling, sports, and Mexican food (particularly tacos)!


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Episode 10: Mini Podcast with Phil Boyte

Tiny Steps for School Culture – Mini Podcast with Phil Boyte
In this mini podcast, Phil Boyte shares the concept of taking “tiny steps” when it comes to shifting a campus culture. He shares ideas he has come across when traveling the country working in a variety of schools. Listen in for ideas you can start using today on your campus!

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Episode 9: Phil Boyte and Guest Angela Huff

Where to start with School Culture – Guest Dr. Angela Huff

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Dr. Angela Huff as they talk about where you start when it comes to building great culture on a campus. During this podcast, Angela shares simple things like how important it is to listen before making changes, why she was always at the carpool drop off each morning and how sharing her own weaknesses helped build trust within your staff. Listen in to hear some simple, but fantastic ideas you could start implementing this week.


A little about Angela:

Throughout her career, Angela Huff has been a teacher, principal, administrator, area assistant superintendent, and then spent her last four years as the Chief of Staff for the Cobb County School District a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.


During her career, Angela was chosen as the Georgia PTA Outstanding Principal of the Year and was also a contributing author for the book, 365 Meditations for Teachers by Teachers.  One of her biggest goals was to build her schools around a strong foundation of trust and working on solid relationships with her staff, students, and parents in the community.


In May 2016, Angela retired from an outstanding thirty two year career from the State of Georgia and moved to Brentwood, Tennessee to assist family members. A few months after moving, Angela began working for the Williamson County School District and is currently the Special Projects Manager.  


At home, Angela is the wife of Barry and has three children Meagan, Lauren, and Evan. She relishes the moments that she can spend with her family and friends, and enjoys reading, exercising, and taking a relaxing, leisurely ride with her husband on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.  


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Episode 8: Phil Boyte and Guest D.J. Sosnowski

Welcoming new staff and students  – Guest D.J. Sosnowski 

Do you remember your first day in a new job? All the questions swirling in your head? Did you know who to talk to or even what questions to ask?

Join Phil Boyte and his guest D.J. Sosnowski as they talk about what it means to help set a great culture with new staff and students. During this podcast, they talk about setting your new team members and students up for success. With D.J. just recently starting at a new school, he has fresh perspective on the journey. Listen in to hear ideas of what he does in his own classroom for new students and ideas for how to check-in on your new staff members in the second half of the year.

A little about D.J.: 
D.J. Sosnowski is currently an experienced teacher during his first year at a new school, Westview High School. He has taught for 17 years and spent those years at 2 high schools. He has been surrounded by education all of his life. His maternal grandparents were educators and his mother, aunt, uncle, and cousin are all teachers. He is supported daily by an incredible wife and challenged by his 3 boys.

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Episode 7: Phil Boyte with guest Stephen Amundson



Four Seasons of Leadership – Guest Stephen Amundson

Join Phil as he interviews Stephen Amundson, the Director of Activities from Tulare West High School in Tulare, California. Stephen shares about his journey creating the “Four Seasons of Leadership” and how having a dedicated focus on each semester can have tremendous impact on the momentum and passion of your students. Phil and Stephen talk about pitching new ideas, how to be persistent, but flexible and an amazing idea of engaging each and every staff member. (To the point where he got 30 staff members to voluntarily show up to a 5am rally last fall!)

Check out this podcast to hear some fresh ideas like pulling off a crazy pep rally, helping donate shoes for 700 kids and embracing your community in a big way through your leadership program!

You won’t want to miss this podcast to jump start your 2o17!

A little about Stephen:

Stephen Amundson has been in education for 17 years with the last 13 of them serving as the Director of Activities at Tulare Western High School. He has a passion for leadership and people. He is blessed with an amazing wife, 4 awesome kids, and 70 great student leaders. 

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