Episode #15: Building Culture on a Large Campus – Ted Goergen

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Ted Goergen as talk about building great culture across a large campus. Ted has learned a lot over the years working as the Activities Director at Stevenson High School in Illinois with nearly 4,000 students. Ted shares ideas on how to break down silos within grade levels with ideas like “class karaoke” and how they engage students and parents from all different backgrounds. Looking for easy, yet deeply impactful ideas… listen today!

A little about Ted:

Ted has been in education for 13 years with a background in science.  Most of his years in education have been spent as the Director of Student Activities at Stevenson High School.  He has not had a year in education that he didn’t work with students outside of the classroom in some capacity; such as Intramural Sports, Student Council, or a variety of community service events.  At home he has 3 kids who are 10 and under… keeping him busy during ALL HIS FREE TIME. 🙂

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