Episode #20 – Creating a vibrant culture in the classroom

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Matt Grigas, as they talk about the power of connecting with students in the classroom. Matt shares ideas he uses in his own classroom to set the tone for the year, model what he expects from his students and why having an “open door policy” is so vital! Looking for simple yet transformative ideas to implement in your classroom this year? Check out this podcast! 

A little about Matt: 

Matt Grigas has been working in the Indian Prairie District for the past 11 years as a teacher. Matt started his career at Neuquay Valley High School (where he met his wife!!) and then had the incredible opportunity to help open the doors at Metea Valley High School. Matt loved the opportunity to help set the culture and tone at a brand new school. Three years ago, Matt returned to Neuqua Valley High School to run their theater program. Matt and his wife have one little boy.

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