Episode #22 – Empowering students from all different backgrounds – Guest Kristy Cooper

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Kristy Cooper as they talk about preparing students for success. Kristy is a leadership teacher who believes students from all different backgrounds can achieve what they set their minds to. She shares why it is important to trust your students, how she encourages them when they face adversity and shares a few activities she uses in her classroom to set her students up for success.

A little about Kristy:

Kristy Cooper is in her 13th year as a Math Teacher at Del City High School in Oklahoma. She got her  Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Mathematics Education and a Master’s Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Educational Leadership. Kristy currently is a co-math teacher, student council advisor/leadership teacher and does a variety of other things on her campus as well.  ​Besides working at the high school, Kristy works for the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils Leadership Workshops and serve on the board as the 3rd Year Advisor.

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