Episode #23 –  “Supporting students with a biracial background” – Guest Dr. Eric Jackson

Join Phil Boyte and Eric Jackson as they talk about the research he has done when it comes to supporting students with biracial backgrounds. Eric shares ideas he has used to develop relationships in his classroom that lead to deeper conversations and a better understanding of what different students face. Check out this podcast for a thought provoking conversation.

A little about Eric:

Dr. Eric Jackson II has been working in education for over ten years, from classroom facilitator (teacher) to school administration; his experience ranges from working in rural, suburban and urban school settings.  He has just completed his Ph.D from Indiana State University, in Educational Leadership, with his research focusing on biracial students secondary educational perspective.  Eric also holds two master’s degrees and he has conducted professional development sessions to both district wide and individual schools.  His sessions covered how to create a school culture for biracial students effectively, how to understand the identity development of biracial students, and how to help others embrace those who are biracial.

Dr. Jackson II is currently writing a book, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Sarah of 11 years and their four children, Jalynn, Quinlynn, Emmanuel, and Marshall.

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