Using Student Activities to create great culture – Guest Kristin Patten

Join Phil Boyte as he interviews Kristin Patten, the Activities Director at Antelope High School in the Sacramento area.

Kristin Patten has been teaching for the past 12 years and has helped open two brand new schools. She started out as a teacher, Link Crew Advisor and eventually the Activities Director at the brand new school Rosemont High School. In 2008, Kristin was recruited by the amazing John Becker to help open Antelope High School. As the Activities Director for the past 9 years, Kristin has a passion for helping everyone embrace the TITAN way and create an incredible school culture each day.

During this podcast, Phil and Kristin talk about how to envision amazing events prior to getting stuck in the nitty gritty and having tenacity to NOT give in. She also talks a lot about first focusing on the staff which leads to a greater sense of community within the students on your campus.

On a fun note: Kristin met her fabulous husband while teaching at Rosemont High School in 2005 and they were blessed to get to open Antelope together in 2008. They were married in 2009 with a lot of their colleagues from both schools and former students in attendance. God blessed them with a miracle son in 2012 (along with a World Series win that year). The Patten Family enjoys hanging out at the “Go Titans” school and they LOVE the San Francisco Giants!

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