Four Seasons of Leadership – Guest Stephen Amundson

Join Phil as he interviews Stephen Amundson, the Director of Activities from Tulare West High School in Tulare, California. Stephen shares about his journey creating the “Four Seasons of Leadership” and how having a dedicated focus on each semester can have tremendous impact on the momentum and passion of your students. Phil and Stephen talk about pitching new ideas, how to be persistent, but flexible and an amazing idea of engaging each and every staff member. (To the point where he got 30 staff members to voluntarily show up to a 5am rally last fall!)

Check out this podcast to hear some fresh ideas like pulling off a crazy pep rally, helping donate shoes for 700 kids and embracing your community in a big way through your leadership program!

You won’t want to miss this podcast to jump start your 2o17!

A little about Stephen:

Stephen Amundson has been in education for 17 years with the last 13 of them serving as the Director of Activities at Tulare Western High School. He has a passion for leadership and people. He is blessed with an amazing wife, 4 awesome kids, and 70 great student leaders. 

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