Welcoming new staff and students  – Guest D.J. Sosnowski 

Do you remember your first day in a new job? All the questions swirling in your head? Did you know who to talk to or even what questions to ask?

Join Phil Boyte and his guest D.J. Sosnowski as they talk about what it means to help set a great culture with new staff and students. During this podcast, they talk about setting your new team members and students up for success. With D.J. just recently starting at a new school, he has fresh perspective on the journey. Listen in to hear ideas of what he does in his own classroom for new students and ideas for how to check-in on your new staff members in the second half of the year.

A little about D.J.: 
D.J. Sosnowski is currently an experienced teacher during his first year at a new school, Westview High School. He has taught for 17 years and spent those years at 2 high schools. He has been surrounded by education all of his life. His maternal grandparents were educators and his mother, aunt, uncle, and cousin are all teachers. He is supported daily by an incredible wife and challenged by his 3 boys.

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