I like you

When you work in an environment that is healthy and where people genuinely like each other, it is more like fun than work. Indications of a healthy workplace include people smiling at each other and enjoying each other’s company; employees looking out for one other and encouraging each other; people socializing and happily helping out when needs arise.


I trust you

While “I like you” can happen quickly, “I trust you” takes time and effort. Trust happens gradually and becomes deeply rooted when people go through difficult times together. When individuals realize that their colleagues are willing to work things out and are not going to run away when the going gets rough, deep and meaningful trust is formed.


We can do this together!

Who can say what is coming next in the world of education? Things change fast and sometimes for the better. When we work with people we like and trust, we are able to look ahead and feel confident that, together, we can do whatever is coming next.


Imagine what would happen at your school if the teachers were able to say to each other, “I like you, I trust you, we can do this together!” Tweet This!