Why did you move?

Because it made no sense at all!  Because we’ve spent years encouraging our kids, students, friends and colleagues to leave home and experience LIFE and the adventure it brings.

Laurie and I had our “dream home” for fourteen years.  It was a magical place nestled on three acres in the pine trees and the place we watched our three children grow into adults.  We’d just spent the past five years updating, remodeling and bringing magazine photos to life in our kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.  Twelve years straight we hosted a “Labor Day Bash at the Boyte’s” inviting the community and playing hard with 200+ people.  Some we knew, some we came to know.   Each New Years Eve we packed the house to the gills and sat back to enjoy conversation and laughter with good friends.  Our Meadow Vista home was hostess to birthday parties, graduations, reunions, anniversaries……all special memories we will cherish for ever.

And that is why we moved – to open ourselves to new possibilities, to new neighbors, to new experiences.  We heard years ago “when you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot”.  It was all “just right” like baby bear’s porridge and that made it “just right” to move.  We want to grow, to explore, to consider and trading spaces was a symbol of moving forward.

Moving in any direction is not easy – not for the weak at all.  The morning after we moved everything out of our home, we sat looking at the empty “dream” kitchen we  had created and cried, really cried, the alligator kind of tears.  Laurie, through her sobs asked me, “What did we just do?”.   We have looked around the new house many times and wondered in our hearts if we did right.  To trade what we love for what we don’t know?

When the kids left home we grieved deeply and wondered how we would go on after so many years of moving through life as a family.  We have made it to the other side of that grief and share new moments with the kids in the world they have each created for themselves.

We look forward.  We wonder and yet we know.  If we live with open hearts and open hands they will be filled with love and meaningful moments whichever house we choose to call home.  We have been loved beyond our understanding and will continue to learn to love in our new adventure.

I want to keep growing and leaving home is part of that growing.