Thinking about the CORE

I have been working out – going for runs, lifting at the gym, stretching and sweating. Laurie and I just completed a 14-day Paleo detox.  I am excited to be down 8 pounds and feeling better when I pull on my jeans.  This morning, I realized I had forgotten something. I didn’t work on my core.  Yes, the core… which is perhaps the most important part of my body.  Sit-ups, planks and crunches are some of the most basic, yet critical, exercises to offer balance and central strength for the entire body.

A body is only as strong as it’s core. 

It made me start wondering about the school community. As this school year comes to an end, I wonder how we are doing at the core? And what is the core of the school community? It’s the relationships. The ones that are meaningful, thoughtful, and allow us to build deep connections that help us get better at what we are doing and allow us to enjoy it as we do it!

I am guessing we have worked on curriculum, instruction, and the latest initiatives… and those are all important. But how about the central, most important part of the organization?  The people! 

Is there a relationship that needs tending – perhaps coffee and a reconnect?

Is there a relationship that needs mending – maybe a note of apology?

Is there a relationship that needs to launch –  maybe lunch together?

 I know I will start working on my core today.

– Phil